Updating a mobile home

04-May-2017 04:08

However, you may need to update your contact email address for these services. Back to the top You may have your Orange Email address listed as a username or contact address for other services, and will need to let these services know your new address.See below for our handy Checklist for updating your email address. Check out our Community post on what you need to do Back to the top Unfortunately the email service has now closed and it is no longer possible for you to access your account.We feel they are best equipped to support their products. envato_item_id=18392194 You are their user, I am sure they will have no problem supporting you there. Does the problem disappear when you temporarily switch to the default theme?

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If you’re still having trouble and would like to speak to someone about the closure just call us on 08.Back to the top No, when the service closed on , these away messages will no longer be sent. If you don’t already have an alternative email address with another email provider, and need to create a new address, we recommend Google's Gmail.Gmail offers a whole host of benefits such as access across different devices, 15GB of free storage and a simple email address format, ending with @Then comes a talented and creative soul that turned it into a gorgeous and modern kitchen fit for a queen.

I found this on a wonderful site called Blue Roof Cabin. Of course, I’m the type that would rather see someone re-purpose salvaged items than using ribbon spools any day, but that’s just me. see that both desktop and mobile have the same home page style but i have been working on the mobile home page but sees the updates only when am login as admin on my phone.thanks and need support, please use their official support channel.If you're OK with this, you can continue using our sites.