Updating a pinpoint graph

23-Jan-2017 20:49

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But why did Hub Pages see declining visibility across the site, even for pages with informative, researched and edited content?According to Gabe, the algorithm is ruthless, punishing an entire domain when it recognizes a certain percentage of spammy pages.Type "how to fry an egg" or "how to wax a surfboard" into a Google search box, and instructions pop up immediately so the user doesn't have to click away to another page.It's part of the Google Knowledge Graph, which the company introduced in 2012.

Of the company's 100 top pages, 68 lost visitors over that stretch.

You're dead in the water." Edmondson has grown accustomed to Google's algorithm updates and spent countless hours analyzing data to figure out how to minimize the volatility.

That's meant improving the editorial and production quality of his top-ranked pages, investing in the mobile site and getting rid of pages that lack substance.

How Quora plans to sidestep Google's algorithm "This is a critical first step towards building the next generation of search, which taps into the collective intelligence of the Web and understands the world a bit more like people do," Google said in a May 2012 blog post.

The new format coupled with punitive algorithm changes is too much for many businesses to handle.

"Any site that's providing factual information that can be found elsewhere and that Google will deem as public knowledge is susceptible," said Gabe.

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