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I'm not sure what all is different, but it has more thorough detection and kext loading for finicky things like hyperthreading on p4 boxes.

Everything is running fine without trying out several kext´s. I noticed that i Photo didn´t show me my pictures, because Open GL was not working with the NVidia Kexts from i Atkos.

So I used Tinker Tool to show all hidden files and deleted from the folder EXTRA/EXTENSIONS and

Everything on the notes Yes not tested GA-MA790FX-DS5 (rev.

1.0) AMD 790FX SB600 Chipset Hardware used: - Problems Tools:- kexts used: - Fakesmc.kext,, Apple ACPIPS2Nub.kext, Apple PS2, Null CPUPower Management.kex, IOAHCIBlock Storage

Hardware components Yes Yes GA-945GZM-S2 Intel 945GZ / ICH7 Yes Yes G31-ES2l and EP41-UD3L ICH7R , also works for ep41-ud3l use guide Everything works on my system; qe, sleep with no issues, sound, 64bit. Yes Yes GA-P43-ES3G Intel P43 ICH10R Just use Hazard 10.6.2, don put any kext yet only the ones you choose at the customization options, then delete sleep kext an repair permissions with kext utility(is already installed) download 10.6.4 update from mac and restart, now install audio, video and other kext show below.