Updating dbml files

08-Feb-2018 22:37

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Last week I got a question from a colleague about Linq to SQL.

For information about updating the conceptual model, see Entity Data Model Tools Tasks.

NET Entity Data Model Designer (Entity Designer) uses the Update Model Wizard to update an file from changes made to the database.

The Update Model Wizard overwrites the storage model as part of this process.

However, I've found the following techniques assist in getting a correct refresh: 1.

Add a new parameter to the sproc, then do perform the above. This appears to be a more solid solution and the one I currently perform when the all of the above fail.The Update Model Wizard also makes some changes to the conceptual model and mappings, but it only makes these changes when objects are added to the database.For example, new entity types are added to the conceptual model when tables are added to the database, and new properties are added to entity types when columns are added to a table.For details about what changes are made to the file, see Changes Made to an File by the Update Model Wizard.

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