Updating knob and tube wiring

06-Oct-2017 02:35

The KY-57 is being replaced by the KY-99A Miniterm which is very close to the size of the KY-57.Looks to be a form, fit and function replacement but with a lot of additional capability.The thing to do is come up with what jumpers will allow the box to be cabled into a system, like the GRC-206 or PRC-119.The simplest case would be jumpers between RAD and AUDIO with nothing else.The new key variables are transmitted in the clear as Black keys and converted into Red keys by the KEK as they are loaded into the slots.Note the KEK can not be sent over the air and needs to be loaded locally.This is a VINSON family digital voice encryption that replaced the NESTOR voice encryption as used with the KY-38.It should interoperate with the KYV-2 and SINCGARS.

The Battery box ON2418-01-048-8167 has a couple of "J" clips that are held by the latches on the KY-57.

Other Type 1 non inter operable algorithms are BATON, PADSTONE, Fascinator, FIREFLY.

Type 3 algorithms are: DES (OFB, CFB, ECB), Triple DES, AES.

These junction boxes contain a number of relays and an audio amplifier, they are not just passive interconnects. The main battery is a BA-5590 or others in that family.

This is a case with two independent 15 Volt batteries that that the KY-57 connects in series for a nominal 28 VDC.

Background Description De-Mil Versions Operation Radios Key Loaders Interface DC Power HYP-57 Cables HYX-57 Wire Line Adapter Installation Kits MT-4626 MT-6429 Test Sets Documents FOIA Field Manuals Technical Manuals Technical Data PS Magazine articles Patents Theory of Operation KY-58 KY-57 Trainer Product Idea Links The KY57/58/68 Transmission Security Device is designed to protect the transmission of voice or data in the form of audio tones.

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