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12-Mar-2018 22:33

Free open source code for games are available for download from PS2 Linux support sites.There is little difference between PS2 Linux and the Linux software used on the more expensive system ("Tool", DTL-T10000) used by professional licensed Play Station game programmers.

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Play Station and Sony ended their support of hobbyist programmers with the support of Linux on the Play Station 3 being discontinued.PS2 Linux is similar to Red Hat Linux 6, and has most of the features one might expect in a Red Hat Linux 6 system.The stock kernel is Linux 2.2.1 (although it includes the USB drivers from Linux 2.2.18 to support the keyboard and mouse), but it can be upgraded to a newer version such as 2.2.21, 2.2.26 or 2.4.17.The USB ports of the console can be connected to external devices, such as printers, cameras, flash drives, and CD drives.