Updating the kernel

07-Feb-2018 13:51

Just select the updated Kernel which is highlighted below and Press ENTER.

So This is how we can update the Latest Stable Linux Kernel Version in RHEL/Cent OS 7 .

If needed, there are a number of tools (for example this one: https://github.com/speed47/spectre-meltdown-checker) that identify if the kernel being used is vulnerable or not.

OVH cannot guarantee the reliability of any third-party tools and these tools should be used at your own risk. Information on Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. Updated following Meltdown and Spectrum vulnerabilities by operating system.

In Ubuntu, each version comes running linux kernels from a certain tree.

For example, Ubuntu 13.04 runs the kernel 3.8 tree, 12.10 runs the 3.5 tree.

updating the kernel-88

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This will require you to mount your system using the following commands: You can refer to your distribution’s vendor’s website to verify if the new version of the kernel is patched to protect you against the Meltdown and Spectrum vulnerabilities.n this article we are going to discuss on How to Upgrade/Update latest Linux Kernel Version in RHEL/Cent OS 7. Kernel is nothing but a base of any operating system or we can say core part of a operating system.It’s interact with your all Hardware devices like Motherboard, Hard-disks, System Memory, I/O devices like Keyboard, Mouse.and manage it.It will be slow though as you will need to download kernel sources (70MB) and compile which is a time consuming process depending on your processor and gcc optimizations.

It will also require you to have basic tools like gcc, gnu-make and other essential tools at your behest.2.So now, you are left with 2 options:and restart your computer.This procedure, will work across all the distributions mentioned.Let’s Upgrade the kernel to Latest version for new updates, Features and make the system performance more better.