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12-Jun-2017 11:39

ANACI (Access National Agency Check and Inquiries)—This investigation is composed of a NACLC plus written inquires to current and past employers, schools, and references covering past 5 years.

MBI (Moderate Risk Background Investigation)—This investigation is composed of a NACLC plus an Enhanced Subject Interview (ESI) and written inquires to employers, schools, and references for past 5 years.

Last year the company loosened restrictions to allow non-gaming content, leading to an influx of even more streamers.

The streaming platform is updating standards again, this time focusing on anti-harassment and sexual content policy.

PPR (Phased Period Reinvestigation)—This investigation is used in place of an SSBI-PR when there is no unfavorable information in certain sections of the SF86.

It is the same as an SSBI-PR minus the interviews of social references and neighborhood references.

Though not all that prevalent in the fighting game community, (except when AB|Poongko gets extra angry) some streamers have been pushing the boundaries when it comes to showing a bit too much skin.

This has led to multiple reports of harassment from viewers, and so Twitch is updating their community guidelines to solve this issue from both sides of the coin.

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NAC (National Agency Check)—This is a basic component of all standard investigations and includes a review of the records of the FBI-HQ (name check), FBI-ID (fingerprint check), SII (OPM’s Security and Investigations Index), JPAS (DOD’s Joint Personnel Adjudication System), and records of other federal agencies, as appropriate, plus an Interpol records checks on all non-military personnel who resided outside the U. for six months or more within the past five to ten years (depending on the type of investigation) or when there is information indicating they may have engaged in criminal activity overseas.This is extending beyond the immediate Twitch experience as, "[V]erifiable hateful or harassing conduct that takes place off-Twitch when making moderation decisions for actions that occur on Twitch." Further regulation on sexuality and presentation is being updated as follows: "Attire in gaming streams, most at-home streams, and all profile/channel imagery should be appropriate for a public street, mall, or restaurant." As the fighting game community's go-to source for live video sharing, Twitch and its policies have a great impact on how and what we communicate.These new rules will go into effect on Monday, February 19th at 9 a.m. CREDIT SEARCH—This is a component of most standard investigations and includes verification of Subject’s financial status through a search of all three national credit bureaus covering all locations where the subject has resided, been employed, or attended school for six months or more for the past seven years.

The security clearance. The chart below describes the revised investigative standards by grouping position risk and sensitivity levels into 5 tiers;.… continue reading »

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Twitch updating anti-harassment and sexual content policies on February 19th. The streaming platform is updating standards again. Tiers Gains. Losses. Necalli… continue reading »

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Updating Part 201 Vapor Intrusion Criteria September 10. The following sections provide further details on the process and outcomes for each of the different tiers.… continue reading »

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