Updating time capsule firmware

24-Mar-2017 22:59

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In this part, I am explaining how writes are handled at the page and block level, and I talk about the fundamental concepts of write amplification and wear leveling.Moreover, I describe what is a Flash Translation Layer (FTL), and I cover its two main purposes, logical block mapping and garbage collection.To receive a notification email every time a new article is posted on Code Capsule, you can subscribe to the newsletter by filling up the form at the top right corner of the blog.As usual, comments are open at the bottom of this post, and I am always happy to welcome questions, corrections and contributions!At each step in the figure, bullet points on the right of the schematics explain what is happening.Figure 4: Writing data to a solid-state drive Because writes are aligned on the page size, any write operation that is not both aligned on the page size and a multiple of the page size will require more data to be written than necessary, a concept called write amplification [13].It is not possible to read less than one page at once.One can of course only request just one byte from the operating system, but a full page will be retrieved in the SSD, forcing a lot more data to be read than necessary.

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I am describing below the basic properties of SSDs regarding the read, write and erase operations.

This is a series of articles that I wrote to share what I learned while documenting myself on SSDs, and on how to make code perform well on SSDs.

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