Updating transas navisailor 3000 charts Lovechatcam

24-May-2017 04:09

You could get any ecdis software and load ENC's on it.The company matters only as far as the operator friendliness of the interface is concerned (Or should that have been "unfriendliness" ?!Of course, the best way is to train the seafarer on board...But I wonder how many people can afford that Ecdis's of different manufactures differ too much from each other for a seafarer to easily be able to find common / most useful features on the Ecdis on his own - at least for now, he / she certainly needs guidance.————————————————With standardization the need for type-specific training is reduced.Thousands of black couples have shared their stories with us.If you’ve met someone special through e Harmony, please let us hear about it.

That would be a more sensible way of spending money rather than spending it on ecdis training on an equipment which your seafarer is most probably not going to see on board! Well I have being associated with marine charts throughout my adult life. Capt Anshuman Naik has written an excellent post titled 8 myths about mandatory ECDIS in the group Someone might ask, How come a blog on such an uncommon subject?C-map, furuno, blah) ecdis - that way we get to comply with the IMO requirement. Private vector charts are excellent in quality and reliability, but IMO does not believe them worthy of being called an ecdis.

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And just for your information, which charting system (Transas Navisailor, Furuno, Maris, Telko) you install hardly matters.

Similarly Furuno do not produce charts – they use different types of charts produced by C-Map, Navionics, ENCs etc.