Updating transas navisailor 3000 charts intimidating looking people

24-May-2017 04:09

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C-map, furuno, blah) ecdis - that way we get to comply with the IMO requirement. Private vector charts are excellent in quality and reliability, but IMO does not believe them worthy of being called an ecdis.

And just for your information, which charting system (Transas Navisailor, Furuno, Maris, Telko) you install hardly matters.

The timetable is (all July)-New passenger and tankers - 2012New cargo more than 10,000 GT - 2013New cargo more than 3,000, old passenger - 2014old tankers more than 3000 - 2015old cargo more than 50,00 GT - 2016old cargo more than 20,000 - 2017Old cargo more than 10,000 - 2018What this means is that a 2500 teu brand new container ship built today need not have an ecdis upto 2017 - that's a good 8 years and 2 computers away! Your 1 GB hard drive was considered state of art... More importantly, try running a large program on a 5 year old computer?

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Someone might ask, How come a blog on such an uncommon subject?Similarly Furuno do not produce charts – they use different types of charts produced by C-Map, Navionics, ENCs etc.Otherwise what Anshuman says is true, IMO only recognizes ENCs for ECDIS.Reality - Ecdis becomes manadatory from 2012 only for new ships.

The timetable requires existing ships to fit it before the first Seq survey after 2014 (passenger) to 2018 (handy sized cargo).

You could get any ecdis software and load ENC's on it.

User Charts Transas navisailor 4000ecs. The present patch Tide & Currents is intended for updating of. Transas 4000 User Manual TRANSAS NAVI SAILOR 3000.… continue reading »

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