Validating all measures using confirmatory factor

09-May-2017 04:18

Future research should aim to assess the psychometric properties of the developed TDFQ in other community-based settings. Improving diet in children provides a critical opportunity to improve dietary behaviours in the overall population.Childcare is a particularly opportunistic setting in which to intervene to improve child dietary intake as it provides access to a large proportion of children at a key developmental period of their lives.Similarly, in 2012, 46 menus from centre based childcare services in the Hunter New England region of New South Wales (NSW) Australia were audited and the study concluded that none complied with the menu dietary guidelines [].To improve the implementation of such guidelines to enhance child health, a greater understanding of implementation processes is required.

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All three studies undertook a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), a method that enables a researcher to test whether a hypothesised relationship exists between observed variables and their underlying constructs [].

The initial version of the framework described 12 domains; however further construct validation research led to a 14 domain framework that is suggested to more comprehensively describe relevant behavior change constructs [].

There have been three previous studies that have empirically validated TDF constructs measures.

= 2304) was provided to the research team by the NSW Ministry of Health.

A random sample of 994 (43%) LDC services were selected by a statistician who had no further involvement in the study, using a random computer generator sequence.

LDC services that were externally catered for were excluded from the study.

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