Validating textboxes in asp net

10-Oct-2017 12:19

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NET application locally, chances are you are using the ASP. However, the production website is most likely powered IIS.There are some differences between how these web servers handle requests, and these differences can have important consequences.This security context information is used by the operating system to determine what actions are permissible by the request. NET page might include code that logs some message to a file on disk. NET page to execute without error, the security context must have the appropriate file system-level permissions, namely write permissions on that file. NET Development Server associates incoming requests with the security context of the currently logged on user.If you are logged on to your desktop as an administrator, then the ASP. NET Development Server will have the same access rights as an administrator. NET requests handled by IIS are associated with a specific machine account.The net result is that you may have web pages that execute without error in the development environment, but generate authorization-related exceptions when hosted in the production environment.

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That request is picked up by the web server software, which coordinates with the ASP.Deploy your application and enter the direct URL to one of the PDFs in the folder in production.This prompts your browser to send a request IIS for the file.By default, the Network Service machine account is used by IIS versions 6 and 7, although your web host provider may have configured a unique account for each customer.

What's more, your web host provider has likely given limited permissions to this machine account.

If you download the demo application you'll see that I created a folder called Using the ASP.

This article would explain you how to use textbox in MVC application. Most frequently used options with code examples given… continue reading »

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