Validating the authenticity of a passport

24-Jan-2017 09:41

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In 2008, changes to employment law meant employers could receive a £10,000 fine for each employee working for them without lawful UK employment permission.

We provide passport number check and thorough passport checks saving organisations of all sizes both time and money.

There's more.​More than just software, Gemalto ID Verification is a fully customizable editing platform that enables our customers to pilot each and every verification action on any identity document.

As part of our Border and Visa Management suite, Gemalto ID Verification can be deployed together with our biometric identification solution to determine whether the document bearer is the rightful owner.​That's the case for the PARAFE smart border gates​ deployed in Paris Airports in September 2017.

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All rates are effective through September 30th and are subject to change thereafter with 30-days prior written notice.The USPVS application documentation can be downloaded from the Documentation tab.A jurisdiction will receive instructions on how to download the web service or UNI upgrade by sending a request to AAMVA Support.We have access to passport scanning software with the ability to check any passport number issued by hundreds of countries.

Facial recognition can be incorporated into your onboarding process as as extra layer of authentication. A passport verification system can provide instant validation of facial features between a printed document face, such as a passport photo, and a live facial image captured on a smart phone, tablet or webcam.… continue reading »

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EPASSPORT VALIDATION DOES NOT REQUIRE OR INVOLVE ANY EXCHANGE OF THE PERSONAL DATA OF PASSPORT HOLDERS. ePassport validation is the process of verifying the digital signature on the chip of an ePassport to confirm its authenticity and integrity. Read the section on ePassport Basics​ to read.… continue reading »

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