Vault manufacturing excel errors when updating

05-Dec-2017 06:14

vault manufacturing excel errors when updating-78

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I am the administrator on the system and logged in as such.

I have tried to select the folder properties and uncheck the read only box but the files remain read only!

Solution The above message means that the logged in user does not have privileges to install the Audit Vault Agent as a Windows Service.

If you get the above message, try launching the command shell with the [info] Commons Daemon procrun ( 32-bit) started [info] Running 'Oracle AVAgent' Service... [error] Failed creating java [error] Service Start returned 1 [info] Run service finished.

Now this work setting where each cell is identified using a letter and a number is called a Worksheet.

By default, when creating a new Excel document, you get 3 different worksheets that are organized in tabs, which you can observe at the bottom of the application window.

So you have got the ”File Error – Data May Have Been Lost” message. The sober reality is that you cannot open your file because it has been corrupted or lost.

There are still some chances that your file got corrupted due to errors created by the application itself.Maybe sometimes you need to replicate a worksheet and update information.You can of course do that too using commands like ”Copy” or ”Move and Copy”.Sometimes the malfunctioning of your local drive used to store data is the one corrupting data.

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