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14-Dec-2017 21:25

Click here for the Best and Worst Crashed Aviator Films. This 1989 Oliver Stone film, starring Tom Cruise tells the story of Rob Kovic, a patriotic cheerleader for America as a young man who eagerly enlists for the Marine Corps and volunteers to deploy to Vietnam, where he witnesses horrific war crimes and is wounded, losing the use of his legs, and where he accidentally kills a fellow soldier.The film's real power though is when it returns to the states, where we see Cruise as Kovic, paralyzed from the waist down and stuck in dilapidated Veteran hospitals where he and other vets are mistreated by staff, and abandoned to beds.This 1987 Stanley Kubrick film is more Hollywood nightmare than realistic portrayal of the Vietnam War.But it's such a memorable relic of cinema -- from the profane Lee Ermey as a Marine Corp drill sergeant, to the psychopathic Private Gomer Pyle -- that any list of films about the Vietnam War would be remiss without its inclusion.There have been many films made about Vietnam, America's most contentious war.

Click here for the Best and Worst War Movies about Basic Training.Its a powerful, compelling film that largely set the template for many of the Vietnam films that would follow.More » , which had already given audiences the plight of a Vietnam infantryman. Fox plays a private out in the jungle with a psychopathic team leader (Sean Penn) who rapes and murders a teenager civilian.Click here for the Top Academy Award Winning War Films.