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14-Dec-2017 21:25

It's a tough juggling act, but I believe that collectively, the films below make a proper cinematic tribute to what is one of our most contentious conflicts.

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John Wayne produced this pro-Vietnam film to convince Americans that they should support the war.It's for all of these reasons that Apocalypse Now earns the top spot. This 1974 film has been criticized for being heavily manipulative in its editing and presentation of facts.Nonetheless, the film's point remains, that there remains a tremendous gulf between the ideals alluded to by President Lyndon Johnson of "winning the hearts and minds" and the reality of warfare, which is often violent, horrible, and antithetical to the idea of winning over the native population.The film's largest arc follows Kovic as he struggles to adapt and fit into an America which neither acknowledges his sacrifice, or his crimes.