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Let`s go" ( 1) Go to the nightclub "Let`s dance" "You`re making me hot" "When dancing with such a stunningly gorgeous woman?It`s inevitable." Continue ( 2) "Let`s get out of here" Go to the hotel Approach and kiss her passionately (requires 5/11/17) Fondle her tits Take off her dress "My God, such beautiful tits" Kiss her Pull out your cock "Stroke it" Watch her stroke your cock Continue (requires Medium or higher difficulty) "Put it in your mouth, Keeley" "Ohhh.. I`m going to cum" (requires Hard difficulty) Take her to bed Fuck her Fuck her Fuck her Fuck her harder Cum inside her Continue END Apartment Ending Kiss her passionately "Why don`t you slip into something more comfortable?Pump harder Cum inside her (Clutch her tightly against you and hold her) END Gym (without Keisha) "Ok, see you then" "You bet I`m ready" ( 1) Move with her Move with her Move with her "Let`s go faster.Turn on the music." ( 1) Do the aerobic steps with her Do the aerobic steps with her ( 1) Kiss her "You`re even sexier when sweating like that" ( 2) "Let`s get changed and go to my place" - goto Shower Ending Gym (with Keisha) "Ok, see you then" "Let`s move!

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Let`s hit the city" ( 2) "Ok, I`ll wait here" Compliment her "You`re perfect.

See you then." Go home Sleep and go to Keeley`s apartment OR Call Keeley`s mobile [This is your first choice.