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The transition from a hunter-gatherer society to an agricultural one was gradual.There is evidence of different agricultural and hunter-gatherer groups within the British Isles meeting and trading with one another in the early part of the Neolithic, with some hunter-gatherer sites showing evidence of more complex, Neolithic technologiescausewayed enclosures, sites which have parallels on the continent.Generally these tombs have one or more chambers reached via a stone corridor.The whole thing was covered by an earth or stone mound.A decline in tree species and a rise in grassland and cereals can be detected in the pollen record.

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This region is generally seen as a secondary centre of farming, having been opened up at a later date than the coastal areas such as Anglesey.Beyond lay a sparse existence in the 'highlands'been occupied since very early times.Before 6000BC any human presence would have been in the form of small bands of hunters.Studies of the tombs and of the wooden and stone circles which have been found in many parts of Britain suggest that the Neolithic people were aware of the movement of the sun, moon and other stars.

These changes would have been important in marking the changing seasons and the best time to plant crops and to harvest.

After this time it is known that Neolithic farmers, originating from Europe, were present in North Wales, although it is only after 3000BC that we have any direct evidence of their presence in this area, in the form of many tumuli, cairns, stone circles and standing stones.