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This pair of easily confused words, with no difference in spelling except a transposed letter and no difference in pronunciation at all, are tough words to differentiate.Read on for some clues about how you might master this tricky pair.Your job is to encourage customers to take you into paid shows and keep them coming back for more! In order to be considered for a webcam modeling job with us, you MUST: * Be friendly, open minded, and feel comfortable in front of the camera.Our customers are the best and always make our new webcam models feel warm and welcome. * Have a scanned image of a valid Driver's License, Passport, or ID card. Customers pay .99 - .99 (US) per minute for a 1-on-1 experience with our premiere models.You can see now that each of the words in the pair discreet/discrete develops one of the two main meanings of the Latin root from which they both come.The branching of this one Latin word into two English words clarifies why they are so very similar and difficult to distinguish.Wearable cameras are commonplace in the activity and sporting world to capture adrenaline fuelled moments such as skydiving, motorcycling, biking, canoeing, surfing and parachuting.

If you are unsure of a stage name please type HELP ME and we can assign you one.

The motion detector allows turning your computer into a complete video surveillance system and logging all events in your absence.

If motion is detected, the application will execute predefined actions: record video, send an email alert, upload images to FTP site, run other application, play alert sound, etc.

Whether cycling, hiking, jogging or climbing, your wearable cameras, smartphones and fitness trackers all need portable power, and wearable battery packs are designed to give it to you.

Learn More Wearable cameras are very small, discrete cameras housed as watches, glasses and other subtle wearable devices.This article has the definition for both discrete and discreet and tips on distinguishing the difference between discreet versus discrete.Because we have to be completely discreet about this project, I have divided the work into discrete units so that - even inadvertently - no one will be able to let our competition know exactly what our product will be.* Have a PC or a MAC with a High Speed Cable or DSL modem. The more we can charge the customer per minute the more we can pay you as well.