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14-May-2017 11:53

Assuming you are not keen for your kids to have a succession of new ‘uncles’ or ‘aunties’, it is unlikely that you will want your children to know about your new partner until you’re pretty sure yourself.

If you have children, a good rule of thumb is that when you introduce your children to your new partner is around the same time that you tell your ex, particularly if your children are in regular contact with their ‘absent parent’.

I lived in constant fear of shouting out the wrong name in bed (I never did). It’s a very dark thought to imagine your ex shouting out YOUR name when in bed with her new girlfriend because her new girlfriend looks so much like you. And aren’t they even sort of kind of cute together?

But if I HAD done such a thing, it would only be because all the ladies shared a common name. For the record: It kind of infuriates me, but it also kind of turns me on, but that’s because I’m a cold-blooded narcissist. Because even if she’s wealthier, or has less acne than you do, or appears to go to pilates seventeen thousand times a week, and has 100,000 followers on social media platforms, you were there first. And nothing baby, NOTHING, is ever quite as fabulous as the original. The last strange thought you have during this emotional rollercoaster is the strangest of them all. You’re comparing yourself to another woman, which is entirely against your ideals as a feminist. And maybe your ex is dating someone who looks like you. And isn’t it important that someone you once loved with all of your heart, is happy and in love once again? Even if it feels like you’ve been kicked in the chest to look at pictures of them, at the end of the day, aren’t you and I above acting like a wildly jealous bitch?

The other night I was scrolling through Instagram in bed, as I’m inclined to do these days. The point is, as I was scrolling my youth away, I happened to notice that a couple I was once well-acquainted with (Sarah* and Violet*) who had broken up two years ago, appeared to be back together!

I used to read books, devour magazines, and have sex, but now I just scroll through Instagram because my life is both meaningless and sexless (I’m currently staying at my parent’s house in Florida. I was shocked as the breakup had been harrowing and messy (as dyke breakups tend to be) but there they were. ” I typed out in all caps, as I took popped an over the counter sleeping pill into my mouth. ” I asked her, feeling very much like a shady millennial dyke shrink, who treats her patients via text from her bedroom. Such a simple, yet such an emotionally jarring word.

This is something he needs to deal directly with her to resolve.

It isn't any of her business what the son's bedroom at your place looks like - _as long as there is no reason to suspect abuse or neglect_. His 7 year old spends part of the week with us and his mother is demanding to see photos of the bedroom he sleeps in while he's with us.

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As long as you are not being cruel, telling your ex as soon as you think that he, or a mutual friend, might see you and your new partner together is a good idea.Shouting out the wrong name in bed is a common malpractice performed by many lesbians because we often date people with similar names.I went on a whole “L” streak for a few years, where everyone I f*cked/dated had the first letter “L” in their names.If there is no chance that your ex would find out, you can have a little longer before you need to say anything.

If you, your new partner and your ex live relatively locally and there is a chance of bumping into each other, it would be courteous to inform them that you are now dating again.

This avoids your children feeling ‘guilty’ that they’re keeping a secret, or that they have to choose between their mum and dad.