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26-Jun-2017 21:10

At first pick and post your best photos, decide where you want to go and what do you plan to visit, write all hobbies, interests and plans in your personal profile and start an exciting race of making new friends all around our planet. For example, if a person writes in a profile that he prefers energetic lifestyle with tons of activities and you enjoy calm and quite sightseeing – probably you won’t make a good match even if other interests are similar.

If you two are early birds – that’s great, if not it could do you wrong. And you can also mention on what side of the bed you sleep.

Forums are full of the accounts of Russian women thanking their coaches for a "happy end" — engagement or marriage to a foreigner.

"Thanks to you and your website I got married yesterday! She describes her friendship with an American man: "I was once too afraid to believe in fairy tales." Sixteen percent of all marriages registered in Moscow in the first ten months of 2015, were mixed, according to data from the state registry office.

Moscow today, with its hip cafes, shiny business centers and fashionable retail stores, is no longer the Moscow of the '90s, when girls fantasized about being whisked away by a foreign prince in Levi's.Most likely your perfect travel buddy and even destiny are not among your old internet friends.And this is the main reason to start looking for a travel buddy on the special project.Connect, take them to your favorite places and maybe next time you will visit them in their hometown or even travel together as travel partners Many people who desire to travel around the world and see breathtaking places don’t have a suitable travel companion.

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