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07-Mar-2018 23:10

His parents and twin brother immediately took a liking to Pappas during the meeting, she would later describe his parents to be, “friendly, kind and warm.” Having made a great impression, it almost seemed obvious to viewers that Pappas would be the one to compliment the bachelor at the end of the show.

Following the meeting with his family, the two female contestants once again returned to the stage for the final rose ceremony.

But what has the reality star of Born on November 20, 1981 in Marietta, Georgia, De Anna Marie Pappas has two siblings, an older brother named Thomas and a younger sister named Chrissy.

Her father is of Greek ancestry while her mother is of a mixed heritage, including that of Native American.

Throughout the show, the bachelor along with the contestants travel to various destinations to participate in various activities together such as dates, in order to get to know each other better.

Every week, a handful of players are then eliminated from the competition via a rose ceremony; in which, only those offered a rose by the bachelor are invited to stay on the show.

This ultimately continues until two contestants are left, during which the bachelor then selects one as the winner.

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Having initially gone to the auditions just to accompany her friends, Pappas would later admit that she had in fact, no actual intentions of starring on the show back then.

Since then, the two have gone their separate paths, with Pappas having married school teacher, Stephen Stagliano in October 2011.