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” His reply: “No.” Later, she went online and did a search using his email address. She found that this particular guy was someone who posted in underground newsgroups about his conquests with women. But they sure as hell care if you don’t have the BALLS to be honest about it. I have to say, I’m disappointed with this current state of affairs.

Here’s the good part: As she was reading through his various online posts, she found stories written detailing everything about his experiences with HER. He detailed how he used various lines, words, and techniques to DECEIVE my friend, along with several other women. I have another female friend who is a very social person… More and more stories of guys using deliberate lies and manipulation to get women into bed…

And one of the things that I’ve realized is that being honest with yourself, and honest with women makes you feel like a better person inside.

And I think that the way you feel about yourself determines so many things… to the level of trust others have for you when they meet you.

and try it out a bunch of times in an evening, even though it doesn’t feel “natural” to you? or to never have had a sneaky or manipulative thought… But a mentor once taught me that something CHANGES when you make the leap, and start BEHAVING in dark ways…

and then ACCEPTING that type of thinking and behavior from yourself.

It’s OK to study it, try new things, and teach yourself this skill.

But I highly recommend that you stay honest, you be up-front about what you’re doing with women… Do some friends a favor, and FORWARD this article to their email addresses. _____________________________________________________________ Copyright 2008 David De Angelo Communications Inc., All Rights Reserved.

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When I first made the decision to actually LEARN how to become more successful with women, I went out and did some serious research. I went to the library, searched online, went to live seminars, met dating “gurus”… It was the idea that a guy could make a woman feel attraction and other sexual feelings for him by saying things that contained “hidden messages”… It was a little “over the edge” of being dishonest.Check out each letter individually, or start with newsletter 1 by David Deangelo himself on using Cocky Comedy techniques.Or – you can read the most popular newsletter David D has ever written below…He first published his ideologies and methodologies to the world wide audience through a seduction newsletter known as the Cliff's List.