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As Ira and his fiancee are having dinner at Craft, the new Halls are sitting at the next table recording their conversation.We do not know if it is her ordering of a gram white truffles, 20 grams of them, on her Tagliatelle with Guffanti Butter from Emilia Romagna — the region of Italy which I believe has made the most sacred contributions to human kind: prosciutto, parmigiano-reggiano, and balsamic vinegar — but Ira hesitates to propose because of the financial mess he is in.

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It required them to leave the building together, and continue down the sidewalk as they hashed over an office tragedy, to which Axelrod has responded coldly.The set designers had refreshed the walls with would-be Basquiats and reimagined a dated atrium as a sort of gangway that led to Axelrod’s terrifyingly spare office.The trading floor suggested the presence of a finicky overlord—even the staplers were white. Bruised bananas languished on desks, suggesting a certain meanness amid the plenty.“I think it works unless you guys are bumping up against something.”The actors went back to the walk-through.“Acting balm, ahhh!

Jul 5, 2013. Did you know there are some Homeland fans who believe that Damian Lewis married! and Claire Danes married! were having some kind of torrid affair as they worked on the show? If they weren't both married to other people, I might think it was happening, just because they really do have so much.… continue reading »

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