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“I guess I don’t believe that death is the end,” she says. I believe my sister is somewhere, and that is a calming idea.” The daughter of a commercial artist and a photo agency operator, Pam grew up in the Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills.After graduating from high school, she began modeling in local fashion shows.Pam’s only sibling, Leslie was 22 when she died during open-heart surgery.“When a tragedy happens that big,” Pam says, “you have to reassess your life.” Dawber has no qualms about playing a woman who lives with a younger sister.“You wouldn’t believe the things that were done for her.These women are terrors.” Dawber takes an opposite tack and apparently succeeds. “He’s come to the shows, but he keeps a real low profile.” In spite of their best efforts, the couple’s privacy is increasingly going public.Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Sam is sandwiched between Kate & Allie and Newhart on Monday nights.

Since Dawber and Harmon met last March at a party given by a mutual friend, neither has discussed their relationship. “Julianne was in tears almost the entire time,” says Dawber.Her colleagues don’t have to rub any New Age crystals to know what Harmon (and My Sister Sam) means to Dawber.After emotional problems, a post-Mork & Mindy career slide and what she calls “a bad love affair here and there,” Dawber, at 34, has reached a threshold in life, and she’s damned glad to get there.“When the network decided that Mork was the one, they took away what Mindy did. I’m lucky Mindy was even mentioned in the title.” Dawber also became closely identified with her spineless bubblehead character.

Such confusion may have led to notices like the following: “Pam Dawber is a Marie Osmond clone with no comedic timing and the appeal of cold margarine.” Nevertheless Dawber has a way of buttering up audiences.

“I have the power, if I want, to dig in my heels and kick and scream,” she says, mixing metaphors, “but that’s not my personality.” Dawber distinguishes between being an assertive actress and a queen bee star.

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