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‘He was led out of one door and I was taken through another and that was it — I didn’t see him for ten years,’ says Neil.

‘We were packed off to separate children’s homes with no goodbyes.

‘We were scallywags really.’ Of all the brothers, he and Stephen were the closest. People used to think we were twins.’ As self-appointed ringleader, it was Stephen who often coerced the boys into petty thieving, such as shoplifting and stealing money.

Then in May 1973, after one episode in which the brothers stole some sweets and stationery from a local shop, Stephen and Neil ended up in court.

Timed for the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, filming starts across Europe next year and no cast has yet been announced.

on Monday morning (February 19), Mike set the record straight."[Megan and I] did go on a date obviously," he explained. Valentine's Day – that was our first date on Valentine's Day. We had a good time."] knowing it would be a hard task to meet a girl, but I was very open-minded. It came at a good time for me as I'd just been dumped."You grow as a person almost because dating encompasses a lot of your actual personality in life, like confidence, not being insecure.

‘We were slightly feral compared to other kids,’ Neil recalls.

‘I’ve tried not to dwell on my time in care — I’ve always tried to stay positive and not dwell on my childhood.

I don’t even talk about it with my partner, Emma.’ Nonetheless, he is aware that those years shaped him as an adult.

‘Stephen had been to court before, but it was my first time,’ Neil recalls.

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‘I can remember feeling confused and a bit scared, like being called into the headmaster’s office or something.

‘For the first time, I’m starting to accept the impact that going into care had on me,’ he says.

Even so, I'm thrown by the jaunty figure – leather jacketed and slightly spiky haired – who strides in to greet me on a sunny bank-holiday… continue reading »

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