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Renee puts her house on the real estate market because she no longer feels safe after her home is broken into in retaliation from the streets for her ex-husband's cooperation with the federal government.The season ends at Drita's 80's themed birthday party where Love and Carla meet for the first time and Love quickly attacks Carla.Renee Graziano deals with her former husband being in and out of jail and trying to fix their relationship that she believes still has a chance to be successful.While all of this is happening she also tries to maintain a stable environment for her teenage son, AJ, to grow up in.When they arrive to Florida they hire locals to star on the show and help run the bar, including season 5 Bad Girl’s Club star Morgan Osman.

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Drita initiates a fight with Karen and Ramona at Renee's 'celebration of life' party.Karen Gravano resurrects an old beef she had with Drita after Drita dated her long time ex-boyfriend and now Drita's current husband, Lee, without telling her.The season ends with Karen and Drita arguing and then fighting on the rooftop of a restaurant while at dinner.Angela "Big Ang" Raiola and Ramona Rizzo introduced.