Who is ryan higa dating

01-Aug-2017 12:51

He graduated from High school in 2008 and he won first place on Wrestling and second place on Judo.

He went to Nevada to attend UNLV for a degree in nuclear medicine but that didn’t last long.

Currently, Ryan Higa is in a relationship with Arden Cho, a model, and actress.

They started dating since 2016, up till now there is no any bad news related to their love life.

This actor himself is of Japanese descent and it does not seem amazing to notice that he might like Asian girls more than the Caucasian ones.

However, he has not been noted to be dating anyone recently.

He had a rough time from 2008 to 2011 because of copyright claims.

He made the second channel as well named ‘Higa TV’ on which he uploads his Vlogs and other daily life videos.

Ryan Higa is an American You Tuber, Comedian, and Actor.On Christmas Eve of 2008 their most popular videos ‘How to Be Emo’ and ‘How to Be gangster’ were removed due to copyright strike.On Jan 21, 2009, Nigahiga channel was temporarily suspended and forced to remove some of the copyrighted videos by which he had to remove his lip sync videos.It seems highly improbable given the fact that he is probably drooled over by millions of You Tubers across the world for his looks and intellectual comedy.

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However, it sure seems that he is either hiding the details regarding his affair pretty well, or is actually single.

He is also known as ‘nigahiga’ because of his You Tube username by which ‘Niga’ means “rant” in Japanese whereas ‘Higa’ is after his last name. Besides making comedy videos he has made music videos and Short movies.