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The magazine paired cooking guides with articles on joy, loss, natural birth and homeschooling – and it was the reason she took the stand that day.For five years had enjoyed continuous bumps in readership, growing enough to fully support Seelhoff and her family – until controversy brought her business to a standstill.Like those fire-and-brimstone evangelists who made the religious right what it was in the 1980s (Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson), they promoted deliberately patriarchal models, where wife submits to husband.Influential minister Bill Gothard, recently accused of sexually harassing ten women, wrote that when a wife initiates divorce, “She’s exposing herself to Satan’s power.” Within days of the divorce filing, Seelhoff’s pastor read the letter accusing her of “adultery” and “lying.” Sue Welch, publisher of magazine, assembled a “packet” about Seelhoff to send to Christian homeschooling leaders.Marriage was sacred, and Seelhoff had filed for divorce. When she began the magazine, after self-publishing the book, she had 23 subscribers.Now, she alleged certain of these leaders had conspired to financially cripple her magazine punishing her for breaking rank. She wrote in a sweet, practical voice, using exclamation points liberally.Their letters, thoughtful explorations of theology and human behavior, were later included as evidence in .

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n late summer 1998, a lawyer named Barbara Duffy stood in front of an all-female jury inside the Tacoma, Washington, federal courthouse. ” asked Duffy, blond, pragmatic and then in her mid-30s.Check out the photos of Cara Brett from People Magazine Australia, 04/02/2018.Cara Brett is a British porn actress, glamour and adult model. Its architects, often referred to as the “four pillars,” saw homeschooling as a mandate for conservative Christians, a way to raise up Bible-centered future leaders. Just prior to the issue’s scheduled release, Seelhoff’s former pastor, Joe Williams of Calvary Chapel in Tacoma, read from the pulpit (during a church service she did not attend) a “letter of discipline” accusing her of “an adulterous affair with lying.” “Because it was a time of great difficulty for me personally, my family,” Seelhoff replied. The phone was ringing off the hook [and] I was pretty devastated.” She was definitively on the outs with the “pillars.” “I still don’t know to this day why they felt it was appropriate to do what they did,” says Seelhoff, now 65, of what she refers to as her “excommunication.” She spoke by phone from her home on a small farm in Gig Harbor, Washington.

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