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19-Mar-2017 16:33

Mr Mbeki cannot be challenged as leader until the next full party conference.

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SOUTH AFRICA was plunged into its most serious political crisis since the end of apartheid yesterday when three senior members of the ruling African National Congress were accused of plotting to kill President Thabo Mbeki.

No evidence was made public, amid fears that it was a crude political tool to discredit rivals to Mr Mbeki, who has looked increasingly under threat after a series of public policy gaffes over Aids and Zimbabwe.

"The three members named in the probe - Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale and Mathews Phosa - are all ANC members steeped in the democratic traditions and culture of the ANC.

As the three have now been publicly named, it is essential that the investigation proceeds without delay and that these people have an opportunity to clear their names." The ANC took no disciplinary measures against the three in spite of the gravity of the charges.Andthe reason why our biology is the way it is, is because of evolution.Daarnaast speelde ze in 2008 in op bezoek bij sinterklaas alspresentator van het nieuws.In the early 1990s he was thought to be the natural successor to former President Nelson Mandela but lost out to Mr Mbeki in an internal ANC vote.