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My cock was about to burst in my too tight jeans as I continued to watch my sister in the beautiful act of self-pleasure. "Oh yes, Phillip, fuck me, fuck me hard," she moaned loudly. I struggled to ignore the bulge in my pants as I focused on filming my sister masturbating about me. The fourth time, I flicked my cock three straight times... And I suddenly wanted to be the one to be her first I positioned my completely hard cock straight in the air and aimed it for her perfect pinkness as she began to lower herself on my serpent.

"Fuck, yes, yes, yes," Tanya screamed a minute later, as her second orgasm hit her. wanting to make it clear that this wasn't an accident. What I couldn't tell was if it was getting her excited. She answered, "I'm okay." A vague answer, but by not making a big deal about my hands on her legs, nor my cock flinching underneath her, nor moving my hands away or lifting her body to one side or another, I was confident my plan was working. I was also being very cautious until I was a hundred percent sure she was game before I went for the kill. For the next ten minutes, I just allowed my hands to rest on her legs... "Yeah, but could you warn us when you are going to hit a rough patch? "Sure, honey," Dad nodded, just as Tanya lifted her ass up, tugged her panties aside and looked back at me with clear lustful intent.

I was a good football player, but not scholarship good and so now at twenty-one, I worked at a music store during the day and delivered pizzas on weekends, all the while writing tunes and working with my band at every opportunity. She worked hard at school, got the nineties I was supposed to get, and got a scholarship to a few schools but decided to go to college in town on a full ride. I heard moaning coming from the vicinity of the laundry room. Curious, I tiptoed to the loud sounds of the moans that were just outside the door. "Oh God, yes," Tanya moaned, leaning back and frantically fucking herself with the brush.

Although I loved my sister, we never really bonded as our world views were so completely different. My bassist quit the band to move to Boston and join another band. The only one who could be home was my sister, as our parents were at the lake for the weekend. My cock was rock hard as I watched my nerd sister looking so utterly hot, her body amazing: great big tits with hard nipples and long firm legs.

Guess it makes sense, since “Netflix night” is still code for “staying in and hooking up” for many 20-something adults.

Regardless, live (or relive) vicariously through these brave women, who dredged up icky, boring, and a few legitimately sweet memories about losing their V-cards: STYLECASTER virginity quote 1 " data-medium-file="https://scstylecaster.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/losing-virginity-stories-01.jpg?

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"That didn't matter in the laundry room," I countered, now tapping on her clit and making her body quiver. I filmed for a few more seconds, before quietly backing away and leaving the house before she learned I had caught her. thinking what I really needed was a long, cold shower. "I think so," I nodded, before asking, "Are you okay? The entire family was driving two and a half hours for a camping trip. Her cheeks were red, but that could be out of awkwardness and embarrassment as much as it could be pleasure. "Let me know if you guys need a stop to stretch your legs or anything," Dad offered. wishing they were in the same silky nylons that she was wearing the time I caught her. Tanya, after a few minutes of sitting there like a statue, reached down, which made her pussy grind on my cock, and pulled up her purse. She was on her phone for a few minutes, but from my position I couldn't tell what she was doing. get hungry for the apple and then, like Eve, be unable to resist the juicy fruit and decide to take my serpent. Once outside, I waited a minute before I came back into the house and slammed the door... I had downed a glass and was pouring a second when Tanya came into the kitchen and asked, her face still flushed, "What are you doing home? " "I'm fine," she answered, not asking why I asked such a question. "I guess I'm a bit out of shape, LOL." I couldn't resist, "Maybe you just need a good work out." "I probably do," she nodded, going to the fridge. imagining fucking my baby sister and then created a couple of copies of the video... It was nine days later, a day before her nineteenth birthday, I had watched the video dozens of times, jerked off a couple times a day at least and tried to spend more time with my sister trying to get more information about that one time... That shouldn't have mattered, it was when we stopped at my aunt's house that fate opened the door. Making it happen, though, that was a bit more difficult. I would flinch my cock, every minute or so, directly on her ass and pussy. "This is a bit uncomfortable," I said, as I moved my arms from the awkward position I had them and moved them around my sister and placed them on her legs. "Will do," I responded, leaving my hands on her legs casually... I resisted the temptation to move my hands up her skirt. I assumed the grind was accidental, but I couldn't know for sure. Deciding to push this a bit further, I reached for my phone, which was in my shorts pocket. The plan was to get her nice and horny and then take the risk when we reached the bumpy road. Instead, I watched, on mute of course, Tanya getting herself off on the washing machine. " "No, keep going," I answered, speaking for both of us. A minute later, I asked, "Tanya, can you lift yourself up for a minute? "We are finally in a comfortable position." "Okay," Dad said, before adding, "You two are real troopers back there." As I flicked my cock, all that was between me and fucking my sister was a thin piece of fabric. Since she hadn't moved away or alerted my parents, I decided to finally reach around and cup her breasts. Summary: Brother takes sister's virginity during family trip. Note 2: Thanks to Sophia, Robert, goamz86, and Wayne for editing this story. My nerdy sister was completely naked, except for a pair of thigh high stockings (something I had only seen worn by one girl I had been with and she was a MILF) sitting on a working washing machine as she fucked her pussy with what looked like a brush.

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