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Please note that both Sri Lankan defense secretary and army commander are US citizens or permanent residents, and they also can be accused of interrogations charges of killing innocent people, by the Obama administration.Sri Lankan dictators will pay for what they have been doing to the Tamils for the last 50 years or so.People are suffering as you can on on several pictures...Pleasee helpp them...please...people are being killed for no reason...please take action and stop this immidiatley.....Think of it as a discussion or sounding board for all things related to the current situation in that country. have any of you visited Sri Lanka to see what actually happen over there? please every human being in this world should be aware of what is going in there and try to help those innocent beings who are being killed every single second in a brutal way.Unfortunately, we will have to delete any comments on the topic left on unrelated blog postings. -The I-Desk Team Why don't you people mind your own business? please go to Sri Lanka and See from your own eyes They Actually Fight Against Terror srilankan government is purposely aiming at Tamil people and continuously bombing in safe zones and killing everyone in the name of "war of casualty' but its not. imagine yourselves and families in that position and think what will you do to protect them.srilanka government killing innocent people from 1958.singhagovernment army murderer,raped andtake tamil people army officer are now rich.

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if it is really concerning them, a single stern warning will make the blood thirst sinhalese to halt the war againts our minority tamils there.

why always you people are trying to interfear small third world countries like Sri Lanka, Funny thing is The Same thing United States is doing in Afganistan and Iraq and nobody say anything.... you don't actually have to be connected to these people. who ever hates war please join with these people and support them for Tamil Eelam, what they call as a solution !! It is because of foriegn country interference that is broblem is there for the last so many years.

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