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they needed to extend their range to Middle Earth and Xbox Live as well,” computer security specialist and author Graham Cluley said in a blog post reacting to the news.“How about all these people playing Draw Something who might be doodling secret messages to fellow criminals or conspirators? Microsoft and Wo W maker Blizzard Entertainment released independent statements saying they knew nothing of spies snooping in their online worlds. My Toons are Resto/Balance Druid : Opheliaupp Baby Priest: Dixynormus Shaman: Anitahugg Best one I have seen so far on my server Druid: Wannatreesum (has funny characters for some of the letters tho)My six year old rolled a toon and named it Badelf. When I chose that, I was thinking about how DKs used to be people, so mine used to be an elf named Faith and now she's Faith no more.

Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL and Linked In meanwhile wrote an open letter to President Barack Obama and the US Congress calling on Washington to lead the way in a worldwide reform of state-sponsored spying.

“While complete military training is best achieved in person, complete perfection is not always required to accomplish the mission,” the report argued, noting that some 9/11 attackers were taught piloting with flight simulation software.

Spies have created characters in fantasy worlds of Second Life and World Of Warcraft to carry out surveillance, recruit informers and collect data, The New York Times said “It wasn't enough that they were snooping on email conversations; able to tap phone calls; weaken encryption standards; use sophisticated hacking techniques to install spyware on targeted computers…

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Elves, orcs or other fictional characters happened upon by players in the popular realm of World Of Warcraft may have been US and British spies, according to documents released through Pro Publica, the Guardian, and the New York Times.