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30-Sep-2017 07:50

So all I did was find the beta folder and deleted it, then tried again and it was fine. Unfortunately, I cannot post a link to this client.

Normally the set up (for me) was stuck on 30%-ish, now it will hang around 60-70%-ish for about 10 minutes before finally completing.

Any help is appreciated :-DBuddy of mine is having trouble with this same issue.

Any help is appreciated :-D Check your e-mail for a message from Blizzard.

The progress bar fills to about 60% and never moves from that spot.

It's been litterally sitting at that progress for over 4 hours.

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Since then I've bought and rebuilt an entirely new machine that has never had Wo W installed on it.On my previous thread I thought the launcher was getting stuck on 100%, after following another players advice and waiting it out it eventually closed and started trying to install the game just over an hour after the download finished.However now, the Diablo III setup has been stuck on "updating setup files" for more than 10 hours... I have ran the game as administrator and disabled firewalls and i always get this message, most annoyingly of all, every time i want to get back to this part of the setup I have to completely redownload the game.Copy/paste the contents of the Client folder into your Client folder located at C:\Program Data\\Client Mac users1. Copy the Agent.1544 and folders from the Agent folder into your Agent folder located at /Users/Shared/ 5.

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Copy the Blizzard Launcher.1949 and Blizzard folders located in the Client folder into your Client folder located at /Users/Shared/ Garakan Here it is:

Last night I installed AVG PC tuneup, to do some Quick Registry cleanups, and to delete the dumb youtube download speed limiter that not many people know about.anyways, It (avg tuneup) recommended me to defrag my turn off a few services such assmart card servicessecondary logon servicea few other services...-----diablo 3 and [wow] was on while I did all of this.

Mine stuck at 0% for more than an hour. Haven't cancelled because the wow folder keeps changing size. and above it it says ""Updating setup files".… continue reading »

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Hello everyone, made a video to go along with the guide I made on the official WoW forums on how to fix the issue where the WoW beta installer gets stuck.… continue reading »

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