Wpf list binding not updating

26-Feb-2017 21:31

If you are using MVVM you do not want to wire up the event on Data Grid for an updated source.So if you want to know the change in items of the collection you need to subscribe to the Collection Changed event of the Observable Collection But there is a problem with Observable Collection.Binds To Way By Default to your dependency property registration otherwise you need to manually set the mode on your Text Box. To use the Framework Property Metadata Options, you need to use Framework Property Meta Data instead of Property Metadata in your registration: public static readonly Dependency Property FPSProperty = Dependency Property.Register("FPS", typeof(int), typeof(Global Settings), new Framework Property Metadata(Main State.g Settings.fps, Framework Property Metadata Options.In our model we have: (We should have the notify property change as well in the properties, but I am keeping things simple here as we focus on adding a new item and not updating existing one.) Note: I am using MVVMFoundation framework that's why you see the Relay Command and Observable Object.This is our view model: Using a Composite Collection: Composite collections is a recent find for me.Window resources in XAML: ("vm" is namespace of the project, View Model is the class name) doesn't work.As a workaround we add the View Model object to Resources (later we will see why we are adding the entire view model not just the "Suppliers" list), and refer this resource as a Static Resource in Composite Collection.

For example, the user can control the value using a slider.Then when pressing a butpublic static readonly Dependency Property FPSProperty = Dependency Property.Register("FPS", typeof(int), typeof(Global Settings), new Property Metadata(Main State.g Settings.fps, FPSChanged, FPSCoerce), FPSValidate); | I also think you need to add the Framework Property Metadata Options.The dependency properties value is changed correctly by the slider, but the textboxes text never updates, unless, of course, i do it manualy using Get Binding Expression(..).

Update Target() which is what I have implemented pending a better solution.

Your View Model will fire the property changed when the collection itself changes – that is if you replace the property itself.

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