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On the suggestion of student council vice-president Toranosuke Miyamura, they revive the Supernatural Studies club.The supernatural-phenomenon-obsessed Miyabi Itō soon joins the club.The second story was initially chosen, but became difficult to run because the main character was a grade school girl.The prototype Yamada story eventually became the first chapter for Yamada-kun.However, when Urara suddenly disappears from his life along with the witches powers and everyone else's memories of her, Yamada discovers she was the original witch.Urara had agreed to the witch powers in order to have a relationship with Yamada, but on the condition that her memories of him to be erased again when she leaves school.Upon discovering the identity of the seventh witch, Yamada supposedly has his memories of the witches erased, but it instead affects the witches and the students involved.While the student council tries to impede his progress, Yamada restores the memories of the witches with a kiss, and gathers the seven witches for a ceremony where he wishes for the powers to go away.

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She also said that the Yamada-kun characters go to a different school from the ones in Yankee-kun but that they live in adjacent neighborhoods.The club encounters other "witches" with different powers that are activated with a kiss.A transfer student, Kentarō Tsubaki, becomes a part of the club after nearly causing a fire to the old schoolhouse.He ultimately gathers the male witches to hold a ceremony to restore everyone's memories.

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