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Aired at 11a-12p ET • Battle against ISIS nearing final stage; At least 300 dead after Mogadishu bombings; Islanders drink from wells that may be toxic; At least two dead as Ophelia hits Ireland; Inside the dhows of Gujarati fishermen.

Aired at 11-12p ET • Dismay At Trump's Nuclear Decertification; Syrian Democratic Forces Say 80 Percent Of Raqqa Liberated; At Least 100 Killed In Mogadishu Car Bombings; No Claim Of Responsibility In Mogadishu Blasts; Lawmakers Seeks Probe Into Puerto Rico Water Shortage; Polls Open In Venezuela For 23 Governors; Motion Picture Academy Expels Weinstein; Bannon Declares War On Republican Establishment; Tillerson Won't Say If He Called Trump A Moron; Immigration Dominated Election Campaigns; Kurdish Peshmerga Sends Reinforcements To Kirkuk; Building A Legal Case Against ISIS Leadership. and Turkey diplomatic row; President Trump and Senator Bob Corker going at it on Twitter; Catalonia leaving Spain; British Prime Minister addressing parliament on Brexit; Kim Jong-un promotes his sister; Egypt qualifies for first time in 28 years.

Aired 10-11a ET • Battlefield Syria; Outcry Over Abuse Allegations; Preparations And Politics; U. Troops Face Turkey's Wrath; Top Aide Resigns After Abuse Accusations; Pomp And Protest At Pyeongchang; Israeli PM Lashes Out At Police And Proclaims His Innocence; Poland Facing Criticism Over Controversial New Law; British Lawmakers Question Media Executives; Putin's Icy Election Battleground; Iconic Political Moments In Olympic History. Aired 10-11a ET • Trump Takes The Heat; Trump Pushing On DACA Deals; Gadgets And Gizmos; Trump, Moon Speak By Phone; At Least 15 Killed In California Mudslides; New Details About Russia Dossier. Aired at 10-11p ET • Defiance And Despair In Parts Of Arab World; Arab States Weigh U. Jerusalem Decision; Emirati Team Faces Off Against Real Madrid; Trump's Favorite Drink: 12 Diet Cokes A Day; Extraordinary Election; Climate Challenge; Arab Anger. Aired at 10-11p ET • Matt Lauer: I Am Truly Sorry; Son Of War Faces Uncertain Future In Gaza; Fatah And Hamas Wants To Delay Gaza Handover; Officials: White House May Replace Tillerson With CIA Chief; Reviving The Arabic Language.

Aired 10-11a ET • Winter Olympics; Taiwan Tremor, Market Volatility; Raining On Trump's Parade; Poland Facing Criticism Over Controversial New Law; World Powers Jostle On Crowded Battlefields; Senators Working On Bipartisan Deal To Avert Government Shutdown; Skiing Down A Parisian Street; In 5 Minutes The Image Of The Day. Is Strong Right Now, Iran Is A Corrupt Dictatorship, We Wont's repeat mistakes With North Korea, We have Turned the Page On Unfair Trade Deals; CNN Across the World. President Impact On The World; Trump, Muslims Hates U. Aired 10-11a ET • Breakthrough Emerge From North and South Korea Meeting; Iran's Supreme Leader Condemns Western Attacks; Bad Weather, High Seas Hampering Rescue Operations; Rising Anger Over Austerity Measures; Economic Concerns Deepening In Tunisia; Sport And Politics Collide. Aired at -11p ET • Strong Winds Spread Severe California Wildfires; Palestinian Protest On U. Decision On Jerusalem; Palestinian Armed Jihad, Ready For Armed Struggle; CNN On The Ground At Palestinian Protest; Israeli Minister Peace Not Possible With Divided Jerusalem; U. Recognizes Jerusalem As Israel's Capital; Israel Prime Minister Faces Allegations Of Corruption; Ventura Country Fire 96,000 Acres, Five Percent Contained; Jerusalem, A World Away For Palestinian Refugees. Aired at 10-11a ET • Social Media Storm; Blame Game; Return To Gaza; NBC, Reason To Believe This Is Not An Isolated Incident; Military Officials Calls Launch A Special Gift For Trump; Trump Jr.

Aired 10-11a ET • Mugabe's Fate In Limbo As His Rival Returns; Lebanon's Hariri Says He Accepts Invitation To France; Trump rallying Support For Massive Tax Cut Bill; President Trump's Water Bottle Moment; Roy Moore's Campaign Pushes Back Against Allegations; Zimbabwe's Opposition Speaks To CNN; CNN Speaks With Opposition Leader; J.

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Aired at 10-11a ET • In Saudi Arabia, Missiles, Arrest, And A Resignation; Saudi Foreign Minister Speaks To CNN Amid Shake Up; tackling Corruption In The Kingdom; Behind Resignation Of Lebanon's Prime Minister; Kingdom's End Game On Iran.

• Yulia Skripal Says My Strength is Growing Daily; Facebook Data Possibly Shared 87 Million Users; Russia, Iran, Turkey Seek Lasting Ceasefire in Syria; Ex-Trump Adviser Now Denies Contact with Wiki Leaks; Online Privacy in Wake of Facebook Data Scandal; Liverpool Stun Manchester City in First Leg of Quarterfinals.

Aired 11-12n ET • Putin, Erdogan Meet in Turkey; Investors Unnerved by Trump's Attacks on Amazon; Saudi Crown Prince Says Israelis Have Right to Their Own Land; Awaiting First Sentencing in Special Counsel Probe; Israeli Prime Minister Cancels Migrant Deal Hours After Announcement.

Aired 10-11a ET • Two Crisis in Global Aid, Oxfam Allegations and Somalia Terror; Charity Staff Accused Of Hiring Prostitutes In Haiti; Critical Meeting On Zuma's Future; U. Officials Reveal Intelligence On ISIS Leader; Tillerson Kicks Off Middle East Tout In Cairo; Israel Attacks Launched On Iranian Targets In Syria; New Deatils Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Big Day; London Airport Closed After Discover Of WWII Bomb. Aired 10- 11a ET • Atlanta Airport Power Outage; U. Security Council To Weigh Jerusalem Decision; British Prime Minister To Give Update On Brexit; Global Backlash Over Trump's Decision On Jerusalem; President Trump To Unveil new Strategy; South Africa's ANC Looks For New Leader; May To Update Parliament On Brexit. Government: Manchester Bombing Could Have Been Foiled; U. Considering Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel's Capital; Greek Musician Graces Saudi Stage. K.-Irish border issue has dodge wider talks; Republic of Ireland fears hard border with U.

Aired 10-11a ET • Russian Passenger Plane Crashes Near Moscow; Israel Launches Strikes In Syria After Crash Of Jet; Environmental Activist Dies While On Iranian Prison; Naked Ambition Shirtless Runners Brave The Cold. Withholds Million From Palestinian Refugee Agency; Unusual Snowstorm Hits Southern Unites States. Aired 10-11a ET • Muslim Leaders Meet After Trump's Decision; Leaders Of Islamic Nations To Recognize Palestinian State; Alabama Democrat Defeats Republican In Stunning Upset; Exhibit Portrays Russian Leader As Super Putin. K.; How traffickers abuse faith to trap victims; Breaking the cycle of verbal abuse.

Aired 11-12n ET • Activist Pro-Brexit Campaign Broke Spending Limits; Massive Anti-Gun Violence Rallies Sweep U. in Diplomatic Row Over Attack; Israel Admits Bombing Syrian Nuclear Facility in 2007; U. President under Fire for Phone Call with Putin; EU Ministers to Review Draft Agreement Friday. Imposes New Sanctions on Russia for Election Meddling; Syrian War All Began Seven Years Ago; Bashar al-Assad's Role in Reducing Syria to Ruins; U. Aired 10-11a ET • China Ups Military Spending By 8.1 Percent to 5 Billion; From Xi To Putin: Holding On To Power; U. Aircraft Carrier On Historic Visit To Vietnam; Voters Back Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Establishment Parties; Me Too Activists Share The Oscars Stage; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Speaks At AIPAC Conference; North Korea's Path To Diplomacy With United States.